ReBorn Mixtape

by M.Born

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A New Beginning

A ReBirth



released April 5, 2013

Production Credits goes out to Freddie Joachim for tracks 1,2,3 and 5.
Track 4 produced by Melodiesinfonie
Track 6 produced by Nicolay
Recorded and Mixed at Uprock Audio by Dean Glover
Featuring TJ McNulty, DnvrJ, and Tasha



all rights reserved


MBorn Sacramento, California

Manila Born and Raised. Sacramento Bred. Soul Influenced.

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Track Name: "It's All Love" Prod. by Freddie Joachim
I said what? have we Become to
We use to be congruent but now we look confused
Convoluted in our views, we use to love
But now all we do is argue and kick and fuss
Speaking of us I've been waiting for this moment
Focused keeping open focus on my motives closing in
Floating on a dream like an ocean breeze
When I'm flowing over beats you can hear me growing-Freeze
Stay cool in the middle of the heat
In the middle of Middle East I've been a beast since little league
Sixteen I was literally, mean I mean lyrically
Fiend, Crème of the crop ain't no stopping us
A breath of fresh air in the thick of the metropolis
They say the apocalypse is here, but I don’t follow it
Cuz this is just the beginning, now try and swallow it
The walking dead watch the Walking Dead and they're following
Blind in their consciousness it's kinda sick
Cannabis burning in the sun
My life always started on the one when the drum hits
I let the sun kiss my face as I embrace life
Use to have stage fright, chop beats in the late night
And work early bird gets the worm and
Trying to make an earning, merging through traffic
Trying not to panic, panning left and right through these mannequins
Just so I can make rent,
Trying to fight my way in
I’m here to make statement
The life's limitless, salvage my innocence
Trying to make sense of it, chase dividends
Pardon me, that’s just a part of me
It’s just the art in me
Pardon my honesty
It's all heart and artery, it's all love.

Love, I’m not trying to preach it
Funny how we always lose the ones that tried to teach it
Now that's the secret, it’s all love.
Track Name: "Us" Feat. TJ McNulty Prod. by Freddie Joachim
Sometimes I write music, for the fuck of it
But most times it's for the love of it
I must've been a dreamer
In my last lifetime
Cuz every night I catch a glimpse of my future
When I shut my eyes
I touch the sky but keep my feet planted on my roots
Not afraid to toot my own horn
I was born for this
I was made a king brought to earth without my wings
Just words to sing with so just listen
Glisten in the sun like her lips with a kiss from her tongue
Get a rush like a hit from the blunt to the lungs
And it burns like my crave from the cradle to the grave
I promised I'd always stay the same never change
In my ways I was stuck in a maze
In a place called hell I helped built myself
And the lessons I've dealt with
And I’m selfish reckless with dough
I know sometimes I can't help it

I never had a lot
I never had much
But at least I got you
And at least we got love
And at least we got us

He grew up all alone, always in his own zone
Living for the moment and he knew it all along
That he didn’t belong with the rest of the kids
That’s why he always kept quiet and kept in his own business
Middle of the night, mind roaming like a nomad
Scribble in his notepad
There’s gotta be more to this life
And this world and this earth and what’s worse is
Trying to find his purpose through a mic and a verse
Learned lessons the hard way
Outkast like Andre
Use to serve entrees
Now its 5 beats a day like he's Kanye
I thought I heard em say
Nothings every promised tomorrow today
But he'll find a way
And he'll fight it out
And he takes the pain
And he writes it down
Elevate right off the ground
There’s no stopping him now
He turned around started jotting this down

He said

He looked her in the eyes and wondered if this could be it
The goodbye and the end after all of these years
And hes holding back tears from the pain that he feels
But he won’t let it show cuz he knows that
She just wanted more and he couldn’t afford her
She changed for the worse and you gotta move forward
As she walks through the door and out of his life
He can’t let her go, he ran outside
He said
Track Name: "Trust" Prod. by Freddie Joachim
I know this life aint easy and it's certainly not
Sometimes it feels like they purposely plot against me
But I can't stop working these blocks
I’m in a knot trying to make guap out of Hip hop
Trying to make dollars of my senses
Throw my sense in to make sentences and make cents make percentage
Senseless at times but this life is defined by
What we can create so I free on the break
On the beats when I lace em, like J's on occasion
But nowadays I'm on my grown shit
Growing by the minute doing my own thing
I gotta be a man now
Take responsibility plan out
Stand out in the crowd like I never belonged here
They say they love you but they really just don’t care
You wanna have fun baby we can both go there
I know that it’s no fair
There’s too much pressure in your life to succeed
But trust and just trust me and keep on thrusting
And keep on loving and keep on dreaming
Believe in yourself cuz nobody else will
I know how you feel so just Trust

I’m just an ordinary guy trying to make it by
Trying to make a life out of writing my life out
Living for the right now cuz I’m not sure about
Tomorrow might never come today might be the one
I speak my native tongue Manila I made it from
That’s why I’m always showing love, it’s Manila in my blood
My grandpa was a guerilla, in the jungles huddled up
Machete ready to bust for freedom and justice
For people just like us and the fight continues
In our own life and struggles but I know you got it in you
Every day I contemplate, what if he never made it out safe?
He literally fought in the fog trust in God
That he'll make it back alive
TO look at my grandma's eyes
That’s something I recognize everyday that I rise
That's why I'm thankful for my life
It’s the least I could do
Stay true pay my dues and make it through the fight
Fight through the pain for a slice of the cake
That’s barely big enough for an appetite for a day
I write for the change in the world I wanna see
But before that has to be, I gotta start with me
I know this life aint easy, it was never suppose to
So here’s a little hope to hold on to
Sometimes it’s too much and I know that you’re long due
But trust and just hold on I know what you’re going thru
Just Trust
Track Name: "Just In Case" Prod. by Melodiesinfonie
"Just In Case"

Just in case I don’t make it by tomorrow or the next day
Here’s my message to the world when you press play
To my homies in the city out in the west bay
Daly City on the grind trying to make pay
Ay, they deny me like Dikembe
But I see through the hate like an x-ray
On point like the page where my pen lays (lace)
Beats like shoestrings on some fresh j's

I was "Born" and made to "Elevate" to the occasion
Adapt and evolve "Become" one with my second nature
Traits of a higher learned minded guided by the light
That’s blinding to most but I shine like I’m suppose to
Abstract thoughts over jazz beats
From my soul to the soles of my feet to concrete jungles beneath
Underground sounds where we dig crates
For breaks and loops to tell the truth on I move on
Stay progressive no insurance coasting slow
With my homies on the road
Never made the honor roll
My heart's always been with the arts of the dreamers
Far from a star but I’m hard on the beats when
Guitar strings pluck like feathers on a bird
And for better or for worse I'mma get my last words in
Versus the world it's just me and my girl
Fighting away so just in case
I don't make it by tomorrow
Or the next day
Here’s my message to the

Stay humble in my struggles it’s the classic story of
A starving artist falling in love
I’m just growing up I guess
I've never known less
But to be no one else but myself
I keep it honest I promised
I don’t know the rest cuz I haven’t wrote it yet
It’s the story of my life living with no regrets
And accept no substitutes shoot for the stars
No excuses play it smart
Now watch me raise the bar

Just in case I don’t make it by tomorrow or the next day
Shout out to the "Boogie Monstarz" and "Press Play"
To my homies in the city out in south sac
All day on the grind trying to bounce back
To my hometown city of trees
And to all my haters steady sleeping on me
Here’s a pillow for your head
Filipino to the death
And that might be tomorrow so play this for me then
Track Name: "Getaway" Feat. Tasha & DnvrJ Prod. by Freddie Joachim
I use to think I'd find life
At the bottom of the crates
And problems go away but that's not the case
I’m trying to find my place in this place and escape it
Found freedom in my own way every time the bass hits
Unplug from the matrix, a little vacation
I’m patient, waiting they use to say I was vacant
Quiet and weird
And I gotta admit I was never here
My mind always wandering and pondering life
Beyond the lights that they blind us with
Something’s gotta give
But I stay positive
I know sometimes the fall can feel bottomless but it’s not the end
The bitter end or sweet start?
It all depends
Till the end my sweetheart and that’s for life I’m in
So grab a Heineken or pop a pill whatever helps
Just know you create yourself a temporary cell
To just getaway

I used to think I'd find love
At the bottom of the page
And that'll be the day but that’s not the case
And no matter how hard I try
Barely seem to get by
Top it all off, we just said our goodbyes
Good guys finish last
Another one for the books by the looks of it
It's all for the good though
Something you should know
There’s always reasoning, even in the end
Just believe in it
You said you'd never leave, that we'd forever be
She looked me straight in my eyes and said "set me free"
"I need a getaway, I need my own space"
"I don’t want to go, but I won’t stay"
What’s the difference, it’s all the same to me
It’s all games to me, now it’s plain to see
You've already gone
So what’s the use of telling me you're moving on
Just get gone
Just getaway
Track Name: "Sunday Vibes" Feat. Tasha Prod. by Nicolay

It's a quarter past nine sun shining through the blinds
Signs of a good day, remind me of the good times
When everything was okay laying in the sunlight
Pumping bikes homies on the pegs living that young life
One time we almost got locked up
For doing some dumb shit
Tagging trains on a subway
Just a bunch of young kids with my boy Jose
Back in the days, we were just kids on a Sunday
Now I’m cooler than a sundae
Chopping up some Sade
Cooking up some fried eggs
No days off shit, you can call it Wale
Pare, ano ba and nangyari
Hindi na tayo bata naglalaro sa kalye
Kumusta na si Ate?
I heard she got a kid on the way
I hope she grows to be like you one day
Minus the pain that we went through
All the places that we've been to
This is for the dollar menu days that we ate through
Stay dedicated for the place I was raised to
Appreciate ever plate full of food I am thankful
It’s the simple things in life I am grateful
Humble beginnings that’s why I’m forever faithful
I stay true to life
I love you and I hate you
Spread you like the wings of an angel
Fly with me, we can take the skies you and I
We correlate and coincide
Its Sunday vibes when I’m with you
Exactly how I feel
Like Sunday morning jazz
Running through my ears
You put me at ease like the beats that I rock with
Peace to my homies still back on the islands
Grinding fighting every single day
But no matter what they say

You gotta keep on surviving
You gotta keep on shining
But for now just let that Sunday vibes in
Live and direct for my homies that I build with
Back to the wall and I’m back on the building
Ride for the cause just cuz you feel different
They hate on my sound cuz I’m young brown and gifted
Plus I’m an immigrant
ReBorn as King again
Better than I’ve ever been before and it’s evident
I represent for the first class of the Unheard
Spit fire every breath till my lungs burn

And it feels so good just to let it all out
From my soul from the ground up
Never coming down